Good morning from Piraeus, Greece!

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Still in Greece, on hiatus until further notice

Those who know how to reach me, do it.

What are Americans celebrating on July 4th? We Greeks invented freedom.
My Greek cousin Nick
So if a guy took a Polyjuice Potion and became a woman and got pregnant within the hour, would he still be pregnant once he turned back?





tumblr gets deep

Welcome to the Harry Potter fandom’s many justifications for mpreg.

In fiction, we call this the Pregnant Ranma Problem.  It came from a Japanese comic, Ranma 1/2, which was about a boy that is cursed with turning into a girl whenever he is doused with cold water (but turns back into a boy when he is doused with hot water).

Ranma creator Rumiko Takahashi has gone on the record to address the Pregnant Ranma Problem, saying “I don’t think about that, and neither should you.”

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True story, I’ve actually broken up with someone in this fashion.

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I’m flying to Greece on Thursday and won’t be on for the next month or so

I’ll try to post sporadically but it’s not likely.  Have a safe and awesome summer, everyone!

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